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7th February 3pm Stuttgart | 7:30pm Mumbai | 9am Detroit

Making OpenStreetMap automotive grade with NNG Maps

NNG OSM experts Dr Viktor Vereb and Horea Meleg explain how NNG Maps overcomes the technical challenges involved in making OpenStreetMap automotive grade.

26th January 4pm Stuttgart | 8:30pm Mumbai | 10am Detroit

Multi-axis simulation and component testing

Element’s David Whiting and John Zoelling present the basics of multi-axis simulation table and component testing and discuss the benefits they offer to manufacturers and suppliers.

19th December 1pm Stuttgart | 5:30pm Mumbai | 7am Detroit

An introduction to vehicle safety

Experts from Continental provide unique insight into the evolution of active safety technologies, from advanced driver assistance systems to autonomously acting solutions.

Automotive World Magazine

January 2024

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Automotive World Magazine – January 2024

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